woensdag 23 juni 2010


Meer als 25 graden, de voeten afkoelen in het water bij Smeerling, het is zomer in Westerwolde.

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xmas cards zei

It is summer time. It is time to have a vacation.

McClain87 zei

Lets enjoy the summer to the fullest and paint the town red at nite. Also want to share that when you have some problem in your house about the water damage restoration just visit our site.

Horoscope For Tomorrow zei

Summer is the time for outdoor adventures. Enjoy

return address labels zei

I love that photo. That is so nice.

Christmas Cards zei

I just love the shadow of that person.

Thank You Christmas cards zei

What river is that? The photographer has captured the river and the shadow very beautifully.

christmas party invitations zei

That shadow reminds me when I had a sort of such picture at the beach. It looks like a sillouthe.

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Nowadays, it seems that the government needs to save all our rivers so there will be nice surroundings.